Junior Hunt Seat under 18

Feb 14, 2020

Kim, Yujean22
Lautz, Julia20
Clee, Emily18
Hwalek, Kylie18
Hairatidis, Isabella17
Dempsey-Weiner, Paige15
Bazaar, Dylan15
Boeding, Maxine15
Carvajal, Daniela15
Earley, Juliette15
Frigon, Mia15
Goetz, Sasha15
Jimenez, Edie15
Kaniclides , Ella15
Killeen, Maggie15
Leighton, Anna15
Lewis, Chloe15
McNamara, Aidan15
Morera, Erin15
Muratore, Carina15
Nedder, Katie15
Ramistella, Kallie15
Rusis, Lily15
Salerno, Sophia15
Slade, Julia15
Teasdale, Kennedy15
True, Rylie15
White, Skyla15
Allaire, Amelia10
Anderson, Kayleigh10
Baker, Payton10
Barrette, Annemarie10
Bezio, Annika10
Bouvier, Sophia10
Brown, Julia10
Brown, Tessa10
Calger, Ruby10
Carney, Lulu10
Chalnick, Annie10
Chiaverini, Sophia10
Cianfaglione, Kate10
Conigliaro, Riley10
Corbyn, Maya10
Coveney, Katelyn10
Dean, Kendall10
Devine, Parker10
Dice, Natalia10
Earl, Hadley10
Edwardson, Haley10
Exner, Cassidy10
Fanjul, Lucas10
Fanuzzi, Katrina10
Fares, Chloe10
Foster, Eloise10
Foster, Marguerite10
Fritchman, Tatum10
Fugman, Izabel10
Gallagher, Lily10
Gitterman, Annabelle10
Govindarajan, Tara10
Hagerty, Kate10
Huber, Margaret10
Hunt, Isabel10
Jackson, Norah10
Jensen, Isa10
Jumper, Charlotte10
Kennedy, Aidan10
Kennedy, Elizabeth10
Kettaneh, Amira10
Klee, Anna10
LaBeau, Kenna10
Leone, James10
Levy, Paris10
Linton, Allison10
Little, Caroline10
Lopes, Nicolas10
Lussen, Payton10
Mackenzie, Eva10
Madnick, Tess10
Maurice, Isabella10
Mayo, Dylan10
McCaffery, Olivia10
McCarthy, Morgan10
McCarthy, Samantha10
McLaughlin, Maren10
Mertens-Hattersley, Lauren10
Mirto, Cadence10
Moller, Brynn10
Moran, Caroline10
Morton, Anngelina10
Muhlhauser , Maximus 10
Murray, Camilla10
Mushok, Madison10
Neyland, Ella10
Nichols, Jordan10
Nye-Wenner, India10
O'Connor, Kaitlin10
Olsen, Caroline10
Osorio, Leila10
Palmer, Kristin10
Pandolfini, Dakota10
Parrinello, Lily10
Patel, Isabella10
Patenaude, Stella10
Pieters, Eleanor10
Pinkerton, Lauren10
Pirie, Sarah10
Plaisted, Sara10
Richard, Emi10
Richardson, Daicey10
Rigney, Fiona10
Robelen, Caroline10
Rodriquez, Sophia10
Romano, Jessica10
Rowan, Baylee10
Rowan, Blake10
Rudaz, Isabel10
Sappington, Grace10
Song, Alessandra10
Spound, Maddie10
Stauffer, Clara10
Stine, Ambria10
Stouffer, Gabby10
Taylor, Grace10
Timpany, Helena10
Van Cara, Quinn10
Wahlberg, Skyler10
Whidden, Emma10
Whidden, Sophie10
Willemse , Beatrice(Bebe)10
Winroth, Fiona10
Wright, Riley10
Zygmont, Molly10
LeCluse, Sarah6
Turcotte, Lily5
Bryan, Lillian5
Burnham, Penelope5
Carreras, Sophia5
Chatterjee, Cecilia5
DaCruz, Sarina5
Dechabert, Jane5
Destito, Rose5
Exner, Lucinda5
Gannett, Olivia5
Gavigan, Eve5
Gillman, Allison5
Girouard, Jessica5
Grella, Sarah5
Hill, Savannah5
Jurnovoy, Emily5
Keyworth, Addison5
Linck, Kaitlyn5
Loos, Caroline5
Maddock, Mimi5
Miller, Ruby5
Mitchell, Olivia5
Pageau, Madison5
Phipps, Harper5
Romiza, Gwendolyn 5
Simon, Emma5
Skoog, Brianna5
Slye, Addison5
Stanwood, Caroline5
Stepanik, Samantha5
Sullivan, Kyla5
Swedenburg, Lindsay5
Swint, Riley5
Weterrings, Frans5
Wyman, Hayley5
Zammer, Abigail5
Fonzo, Kasha.5

NEHC Administrator Moving

Hi All Cindy is moving the Weeks of August 16 - September 3, 2021. I will still be receiving emails and will have access to the computer after August 26, 2021. I just may be a little slower at getting back to you. Email address remains the same cindy@nehc.info new...

Update regarding Covid-19

To our members: This past year has brought many challenges to our community and our way of showing. I applaud everyone who ran shows with all the restrictions and their exhibitors who followed the covid rules. As we go forward, there is a light at the end of the...

Hunt Seat Medal – Adult and Junior

Shows offering the Adult and Junior Hunt Seat Medal. The Medal class for the 2021 show season can run with 3 entries instead of the 4 entries stated in the rule book. Class can be combined if needed. One of each medal at a 1 day show, Two of each medal at a multi-day...

NEHC December 2020 Newsletter

Download the December 2020 Newsletter for information about shows, scholarships, medal winners and more. Download the PDF

Happy New Year 2021

2020 was a year that we all will all remember.  As we do not want to dwell on our past year New England Horsemen’s Council looks forward to beginning a new year competing at our favorite shows.  The goal is to get back to some sort of normal while maintaining the...

Hunt Seat Medal Finals Update

Due to the 2020 NEHC Championships date change and the limited number of NEHC Medal qualifying classes/horse shows as a result of COVID, the NEEC has modified the 2020 qualifying criteria in the following ways:   All junior NEHC members who are juniors in their...