Junior Hunt Seat under 18

Feb 14, 2020

Reiskin, Olivia25
Bazaar, Riley20
Mancini, Caroline20
Plaisted, Sara20
Blake, Caroline15
Brown, Julia15
Burnham, Penelope15
Cofsky, Dana15
Coveney, Katelyn15
Dolan, Hanna15
Dominquez, Christian15
Earley, Juliette15
Exner, Lucinda15
Fares, Chloe15
Foster, Eloise15
Gallagher, Lily15
Golia, Nicole15
Graney, Katie15
Jackson, Norah15
Kern, Lexie15
Keyworth, Addison15
LaBeau, Kenna15
Lautz, Julia15
Loring, Geniefer15
MacDonald, Siena15
McAraw, Elle15
McNamara, Aidan15
Mussa , Caitlin15
Olivero, Sophia15
Patel, Isabella15
Patenaude, Stella15
Porter, Hannah15
Romiza, Gwendolyn 15
Whitehead-Rockas, Zoe15
Wicklund, Jordan15
Zide, Sarah15
Eaton-Ayres, Emma10
Sisson, Mia10
Strohmeyer , Ava10
Girard, Jordan10
Ray, Kasi10
Lasaponara, Alea10
Ahern, Madeline Avery10
Ahn, Kiley10
Bailey, Quinn10
Banerji, Beverly10
Bassett, Charlotte10
Bazaar, Dylan10
Bihuniak, Lindsey10
Birbara, Brooke10
Bonvino, Julie10
Bowen, Carly10
Brown, Tessa10
Budovsky, Morgan10
Carney, Jessica10
Carpenter, Carolyn10
Carvajal, Daniela10
Champney, Emily10
Chance, Lauren10
Chard, Rachel10
Charlson, Isabel10
Churchhill, Audrey10
Clee, Emily10
Coley, Gigi10
DaConceicao, Ariana10
DaCruz, Sarina10
Dixon, Sofia10
Earl, Hadley10
Ehrhard, Shea10
Exner, Cassidy10
Ferrigno, Ellie10
Frankel, Madison10
Gallant, Emma10
Goet, Alex10
Goodwin, Jessie10
Gray, Lauren10
Gremley, Sophia10
Grinblatas, Elena10
Guginsky, Jessica10
Guidi, Francesca10
Hamilton, Electra10
Herring, Sarah10
Holman, Miles10
Horan, Julia10
Huber, Margaret10
Hudkins, Campbell10
Ippolito, Sofia10
Jurado, Olivia10
Jurnovoy, Emily10
Kaniclides , Ella10
Kay, Abby10
Keane, Sienna10
Kennedy, Elizabeth10
Kesselhaut, Isabel10
Kettaneh, Amira10
Kimball, Eliza10
Lautenbach, Maura10
Leighton, Anna10
Leone, Mark10
Levy, Paris10
Manoog , Annalise (Ally)10
McCarthy, Maranda10
McKeever, Baylee10
McNamara, Allison10
Mersereau, Josselyn10
Motl, Emma10
Murray, Madison10
Nyren, Paige10
Oko, Mikayla10
Olsen, Caroline10
Olvert, Madison10
Osorio, Leila10
Palmer, Caroline10
Palombo , Gianna 10
Pandolfini, Dakota10
Pezza, Sara10
Pieters, Eleanor10
Priest, Jacqueline10
Richardson, Anna10
Richardson, Emily10
Robelen, Caroline10
Roland, Taylor10
Rooney, Olivia10
Rowan, Blake10
Rudaz, Isabel10
Saltamartini-Rossi, Sofia10
Sanders, Kenya10
Sanford, Harper10
Saunders, Caroline10
Schauder, Avery10
Schulze, Audrey 10
Sharp, Alexandra10
Sica, Alexandra 10
Smith, Laural10
Spencer, Jillian10
Spound, Maddie10
Stepanik, Samantha10
Sullivan, Kyla10
Taylor, Grace10
Thomas, Devon10
Treuting, Alida10
Van Cara, Quinn10
Ward, Jessica10
Whidden, Sophie10
Woods, Jenna10
Woolley, Shea10
Zemp, Abigail10
Zygmont, Molly10
Pageau, Madison5
Angelo, Ava5
Armstrong, Charlotte5
Bezio, Annika5
Bonacorsi, Mia5
Carbone, Ava5
Chope, Katherine5
Daley, Leann5
DeRosaire, Anneliese5
Ducharme, Grace5
Edwards, Jamie5
Edwardson, Haley5
Fugman, Izabel5
Galvin, Gillian5
Gordon, Abby5
Hedges, Janet5
Hoban, Benjamin 5
Kendall, Taylor5
Kocher, Olivia5
Longano, Lilian "Lily"5
Loos, Caroline5
Lussen, Payton5
McCarthy, Samantha5
McEneaney, Grace5
O'Toole, Abby5
Ortiz, Hailey5
Palmer, Clara5
Palmer, Kristin5
Price, Posie5
Sappington, Grace5
Simmons, Linsdsey5
stauffer, Clara5
Thaxton, Caroline5
Thomas, Logan5
Tice, Grace5
Wagner, Ava5
Waterman, Katherine5
White, Skylar5
Wilson, Kayla5
Wolff, Lilly5

Message regarding reopening

To our members, exhibitors, and show managers, As our states have started opening up, we are all excited to start back to competing at our favorite shows. The goal is to get back to some kind of normal without jeopardizing the health of our families, friends, and...

Act Fast! USHJA HQC Stable Challenge Ends July 15!

Act Fast! USHJA HQC Stable Challenge Ends July 15! The USHJA invites equestrians of all ages to put their horsemanship knowledge to the ultimate test in the 2020 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge. The 30-day online FREE quiz challenge is open to juniors and...

USHJA Feed Aid is Now Live

The USHJA Feed Aid initiative aims to provide aid in purchasing feed for lesson horses as short-term relief for the businesses in our hunter/jumper community who provide lessons to non-boarders and may be suffering financially due to the impact of COVID-19.

USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge

The USHJA Stable Challenge is Officially Open! The community-driven horsemanship competition closes July 15. Zone 8’s Kristin Jacob used the Stable Challenge to create an educational horsemanship summer camp, leading her students to a victory for Zone 8. From June 15...

Saddle Seat/Western Seat/ Hunt Seat Pleasure Medal Finals

Due to the amount of pleasure shows that have been cancelled and the number of entries we get in these medals there will be no qualifying necessary for the 2020 NEHC Medal Finals in these divisions. We have exhibitors from other states as far as PA involved in these...

NEHC Covid-19 Guidelines

The New England Horsemen’s Council has come up with the recommended steps competitions could take as our industry and sport emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. Below are suggested Best Practices organizers can consider as they plan for events and take steps to help...