Adult Hunt Seat over 18

Mar 31, 2020

Davitt, Lindsey16
Hogan, Julie16
Kavulich, Grace16
Roberts, Jessica14.5
Pedler-Eliason, Pam14
Cousseillant, Kassandra12
Holzer, Katherine12
Farwell, Hannah12
Lebo, Christopher12
DePietro, Jennifer10
Ernenwien, Monika10
Jasny, Sydney10
Small, Schuyler10
McHugh, Lauren10
Chenelle, Elizabeth10
Bayko, Alexa 10
Siok, Kelly10
Kinnally, Marissa10
Fonzo, Kasha10
Johnsen, Joanna10
Belcourt, Timothy10
Dander, Melissa10
Ferrigno, Ellie10
Macaulay, Corinne10
Mancini, Morgan10
Matthews, Elizabeth10
O'Neill, Caitlin10
Quinlan, Sarah10
Richardson, Emily10
Smith(CT), Sydney10
Sylvester, Brook10
Traystman , Madison10
Vars, Elizabeth 10
Williams, Dominique 10
Woods, Ashley10
Zinsmeyer, Victoria8
Scully, Howard8
Atamian, Mish8
Calhoun, Molly8
Jacobs, Sarah8
Rapp, Celia8
Ecock, Lauren6.5
Chu, Wynatte6.5
Musto-Potter, Chelsea 6.5
Cahill, Julia6
Hoffner, Kelsey6
Snider, Jessica6
Leerkes, Kelsey6
McGee, Mary Beth6
Shelburne - Douglass, Jordan6
Stamm, Nicole6
Johnson, Shana6
Kirwin, Katie6
Kenny, Elizabeth6
McNamara, Claire6
Nadeau, Jennifer6
Richardson, Sue Ann6
Tuckner, Hannah6
Franchi, Danielle4
Walker, Ruth4
Bruns, Gwendolyn4
Gildea, Julia4
Barrere, Alexandra4
Benson, Celeste4
Cabot, Sarah4
Christiansen, Kristina4
Fiebert, Rori Zane4
Simon, Emily4
Strittmatter, Jacqueline4
Lapine, Phoebe 3
Van Aelst , Heather3
Hadley, Charlotte2
Arena, Rachel2
Stiglitz, Cynthia2
DeTemple, Karen2
Crisostamo, Kaylyn2
Gile, Maryann2
Powers, Grace2
De Vienne, Armelle2
Piantadosi, Lauren2
Strittmatter, Elizabeth2
Belanger, Emily1.5
Davis, Maddie1
Benson, Rhianna1
Quinlan, Nicole1
Petrini, Julie 1
Skoog, Brandi1
Sams, Elizaeth1
Gremley, Pamela1
Huber, Lucy 1
Kwok, Renee1
Sciola, Cara1
Wroe, Maggie1
Juel-Larsen, Sara.5
Batjer, Cheryl.5
Sheehan, Kendall.5
Houley-Glassman, Elizabeth.5
Nascimento, Christina.5

NEHC December 2020 Newsletter

Download the December 2020 Newsletter for information about shows, scholarships, medal winners and more. Download the PDF

Happy New Year 2021

2020 was a year that we all will all remember.  As we do not want to dwell on our past year New England Horsemen’s Council looks forward to beginning a new year competing at our favorite shows.  The goal is to get back to some sort of normal while maintaining the...

Hunt Seat Medal Finals Update

Due to the 2020 NEHC Championships date change and the limited number of NEHC Medal qualifying classes/horse shows as a result of COVID, the NEEC has modified the 2020 qualifying criteria in the following ways:   All junior NEHC members who are juniors in their...

Message regarding reopening

To our members, exhibitors, and show managers, As our states have started opening up, we are all excited to start back to competing at our favorite shows. The goal is to get back to some kind of normal without jeopardizing the health of our families, friends, and...

Act Fast! USHJA HQC Stable Challenge Ends July 15!

Act Fast! USHJA HQC Stable Challenge Ends July 15! The USHJA invites equestrians of all ages to put their horsemanship knowledge to the ultimate test in the 2020 USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge. The 30-day online FREE quiz challenge is open to juniors and...

USHJA Feed Aid is Now Live

The USHJA Feed Aid initiative aims to provide aid in purchasing feed for lesson horses as short-term relief for the businesses in our hunter/jumper community who provide lessons to non-boarders and may be suffering financially due to the impact of COVID-19.

USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge

The USHJA Stable Challenge is Officially Open! The community-driven horsemanship competition closes July 15. Zone 8’s Kristin Jacob used the Stable Challenge to create an educational horsemanship summer camp, leading her students to a victory for Zone 8. From June 15...