Adult Amateur Hunter Seat Equitation

Feb 6, 2020

Rogers, Sean569
Ballinger, Sara469
Nowakowski, KaeDee446
DePietro, Jennifer369
Matos , Nicole361
Palmer, Elizabeth350
Miller, Amy327
Russell, Elizabeth(Liz)297
Saccucci, Mariel297
Nyren, Paige292
Schrader, Jennifer224
Scharfe, Rebekah212
Shaw, Ashley205
LaGuardia, Lynne196
MacPhee , Madeleine 177
Thibault-Vazquez, Sophie175
Wiley, David169
Streeter, Suzanne167
Richardson, Sue Ann157
Pease, Sarah (Shea)138
Hoffner, Kelsey136
Richardson, Emily132
Johnson, Shana125
Gerrish, Abbigale 120
McCormick, Kelley120
Noble, Emily118
Lohse, Laura116
Zemp, Abigail114
Kruger, Iona I113
Schenker, Emma113
Whightsel, Vanessa108
Lenihan, Sophie107
Leerkes, Kelsey104
Laverde, Kate103
McCarthy, Maranda103
Quinlan, Sarah103
Dander, Melissa99
Kwok, Renee97
Monteith, Eriza97
Brock, Madeline95
Chaney, Cari95
Vars, Elizabeth 94
Bohnenberger, Kelly86
Van Aelst , Heather86
Longobardi, Eva84
Armenio, Penelope81
McKay, Olivia77
Belanger, Emily76
Whitmore, Erin72
Zide, Sarah71
Karos-Guthrie, Katherine70
Mugnai, Kristen68
Rapp, Celia68
Stamm, Nicole66
Bannon, Deb65
Nadeau, Jennifer63
Nevins, Elizabeth62
Collins, Olivia61
Billington, Katelyn60
Kasper, Kirsten60
Beane, Danamary59
Flaherty, Sarah58
Nascimento, Christina58
Reiskin, Olivia58
Johnson, Vicky56
Forman, Samantha55
Johnston, Caroline55
Cabot, Sarah54
Fiebert, Rori Zane54
Zinsmeyer, Victoria54
Ahern, Madeline Avery53
Donahue, Alicia53
Haselton, Taylor52
Pedler-Eliason, Pam52
Gilbert, Polly51
Lenihan, Tess51
Brown, Hannah50
Delaney, Shannon49
Donahue, Amy49
Contarino, Kathryn46
Lane, Claire46
Oswald, Jessica46
Miller, Kim42
Zuzarte, Natasha42
Duffy, Kika39
Eustis, Jessica39
Combs, Meredith38
McNamara, Allison38
Meacham, Desmond36
Austin, Lindsey34
Bueno, Rebecca 34
Garceau, Julie34
Polzin, Becca34
Sullivan, Roberta34
Jackson, Grace33
Cronin, Leslie32
Blaeser, Elisabeth30
Loring, Geniefer30
Toll, Taylor30
Wicklund, Sydney30
Avitabile, Amy 29
Culbertson, Caitlyn29
Fallon, Michaelle29
Marlow, Olivia29
Potts, Katherine29
Sardella, Maryellen29
Stiede, Kathryn29
Scully, Howard28
Sontag, Courtney28
Ahn, Kiley26
Lambert, Sarah26
Pearsall, Charlotte26
Ruisi, Isabella 26
Sutton, Maya26
Svetlik, Carly26
Dixon, Sofia25
Gilbert, Emily25
Zuckerman, Abigail25
Hornstein, Shira23
Leerink, Alexandra23
Buckley, Alissa21
Kenny, Elizabeth21
Kinney, Lori21
Stover, Madeleine21
Violin, Abigail21
Dungey, Allison19
Langevin, Elizabeth(Ellie)19
Phippen, Morgan19
Wilson, Jessica19
Cowan, Emma18
Gross, Miela18
Wytrzes, Sara18
Robbins, Andrea17
Thebodeau, Katie17
Goharradeh, Ariel16
Kollien, Faith15
Welch, Melissa15
Mulholland, Rosemary14
Nowakowski, KaeDee13
Wilda , Kasandra13
Dowds, Allyson12
Giordano, Rosalie12
Johnsen, Joanna12
Whittemore, Crystal12
Wordell, Nina12
Davis, Heather11
Garceau, Arden11
Bourne, Jill10
Buck , Karlie 10
Phaneuf, Christine10
Pinnell , Theresa10
Whitaker, Laney(Lalaneya)9
Bolger, Ciara8
Wojcik, Lauren8

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NEHC is looking for a sponsor for the USJHA Affiliation cost of $100.00.  Please contact Felicia at: or 603-502-3325

Jessie Sargent – Obituary

NEHC sends our deepest condolences to John and the family. Jay was a wonderful Equestrian and person. She will be greatly missed by the equestrian community. Jessie Sargent of Middletown, RI died Thursday September 1, 2022, at the age of 72. Jessie (Jay) started...

NEHC Administrator Moving

Hi All Cindy is moving the Weeks of August 16 - September 3, 2021. I will still be receiving emails and will have access to the computer after August 26, 2021. I just may be a little slower at getting back to you. Email address remains the same new...

Update regarding Covid-19

To our members: This past year has brought many challenges to our community and our way of showing. I applaud everyone who ran shows with all the restrictions and their exhibitors who followed the covid rules. As we go forward, there is a light at the end of the...

Hunt Seat Medal – Adult and Junior

Shows offering the Adult and Junior Hunt Seat Medal. The Medal class for the 2021 show season can run with 3 entries instead of the 4 entries stated in the rule book. Class can be combined if needed. One of each medal at a 1 day show, Two of each medal at a multi-day...

NEHC December 2020 Newsletter

Download the December 2020 Newsletter for information about shows, scholarships, medal winners and more. Download the PDF