Adult Amateur Hunter Seat Equitation

Feb 6, 2020

Palmer, Elizabeth579
Matos , Nicole444
DePietro, Jennifer372
Stepanik, Samantha320
Nowakowski, KaeDee313
Exner, Cassidy290
Russell, Elizabeth(Liz)281
MacPhee , Madeleine 235
Bohnenberger, Kelly225
Bologna, Sarah214
Garceau, Julie214
Lennon, Sara206
Carducci, Gianna200
Miller, Amy198
Britton, Olivia195
Albertini, Emma193
Johnson, Shana187
Lohse, Laura187
Thebodeau, Katie181
Whightsel, Vanessa174
Fyfe, Laura164
Streeter, Suzanne156
Oswald, Jessica152
Armenio, Penelope146
Stevenson, Keely145
Ballinger, Sara144
Murray, Camilla140
Costa, Meaghan139
Schenker, Emma138
Jensen, Isa130
Vars, Elizabeth 129
Kalkut, Erica128
Polzin, Becca123
Plaisted, Sara119
Kwok, Renee116
Nadeau, Jennifer115
Ahn, Kiley114
Bedard, Kimberly111
Fiebert, Rori Zane110
Austin, Lindsey109
Devlin, Abigail103
Foote, Michele 103
Zabbo, Kristie102
Earley, Lilly94
Taylor, Stephanie91
Brija, Elizabeth87
Ball, Anna83
Roberts, Jessica83
Palmer, Kristin81
Rapp, Celia80
Delaney, Shannon78
Contarino, Kathryn76
Spadafore, Kiara74
Taylor, Grace74
Hoffner, Kelsey73
Shields, Sophie72
Cabot, Sarah70
Gannett, Olivia70
Hogan, Julie70
Wiley, David70
Wytrzes, Sara70
Kinsella, Ashleigh68
Hwalek, Kylie66
Reiskin, Olivia66
Loring, Geniefer65
Shaw, Ashley62
Sousa, Macayla59
Pippins, Lauren56
Longobardi, Eva54
Bezio, Annika53
Blake, Madeline53
Reznicek, Katie53
Ponte, Allison51
Noble, Emily50
Diggins, Amanda49
Goharradeh, Ariel48
Daoud, Katie47
Haselton, Taylor46
LaGuardia, Lynne46
Cole, Courtney44
Pedler-Eliason, Pam42
Fritsch, Erika40
Eustis, Jessica39
Beck, Madelyn38
Saccucci, Mariel38
Zinsmeyer, Victoria38
Hedges, Janet37
Scharfe, Rebekah37
Beane, Danamary36
O'Connell, Heather36
Destito, Rose35
Buckley, Alissa34
Carvahlo, Jenna34
Chenelle, Elizabeth34
Welch, Melissa34
Bigelow, Casey33
Perrelli, Christine33
Kane, Sarah32
McNamara, Aidan30
Mooney, Catherine30
Benson, Rhianna29
Dungey, Allison29
Eaton-Ayres, Emma29
Kenny, Elizabeth26
McNamara, Allison26
Savoie, Cadee 26
Zuckerman, Abigail26
Whiting, Chelsea23
Bannon, Deb22
Swanson, Hannah22
Gerrity, Cassie21
Greenberg, Elizabeth21
Rezac, Jai Smith21
Krinsky, Kirstin20
Thibault-Vazquez, Sophie19
Violin, Abigail19
Roche, Kathryn17
Terranova, Christine17
Baker, Sarah13
Barakos, Helaina13
Fugman, Izabel13
Johnsen, Joanna13
Poirier, Molly 13
Richardson, Sue Ann13
Brigham, Alison12
Svetlik, Carly12
Pinnell , Theresa11
Wilbur, Dee Dee11
Lonczak, Jamie9
Wordell, Nina9

Downeast Medal Finals

  Downeast Medal Finals has changed dates to September 14 and September 15th. This will be Thursday and Friday only. The weekend section has been cancelled. They are adjusting the schedule to fit the whole show into the 2 day event.

Computer issues

Hi Members - The office is experiencing some computer glitches. I cannot update the website with points, members, medals, etc. I am hoping to have this resolved by end of next week. If you have an questions on points, medal please email the office at

Sandy Point Horse Shows

Sandy Point Horse Shows will be moving to Glen Farm Stables located at 163 Glen Farm Road, Portsmouth RI 02871. The show name will now be Sandy Point Stables at Glen Farm Stables. Contact information is Manager Sarah Kieran    email: Show...

*NEW* The NEHC Claymaker Memorial Thoroughbred Versatility Award

The NEHC Claymaker Memorial Thoroughbred Versatility Award Donated by: Grimm Racing Stables, LLC To be awarded to the Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred with the most overall points throughout the season in all classes/divisions except Equitation. The goal of this...

NEHC becomes USHJA affiliate

As an affiliate of USHJA, our members can read their newsletters. Affiliate News Content For April USHJA Zone eNews! Hello, I am excited to reach out to you about a benefit that I hope you will take advantage of as a USHJA Affiliate Organization. Every month we send...

Online Advertising Available

NEHC is proud to announce that we will be accepting advertisements on our website beginning in May 2020.