Are your points correct?

First, check the information on this page, it will tell you the last date for which shows have been entered.

If you find any discrepancies with the points posted, please contact the Administration Office as soon as possible; email is preferred.

You have until the end of the posting period in which the show occurred to challenge the points.

Here are the official posting periods:

  • Phase 1: December thru April Shows: Points Final on May 31
  • Phase 2: May thru August Shows: Points Final on October 31
  • Phase 3: September thru October Shows: Points Final on November 30
  • Phase 4: November shows: Points Final on December 31

Looking for Points?

Points are complete for all shows through 4/8/2024
Without: Pines 3/29-3/31-2024
Includes: Epic 4-12-24 and Folly 4-14-24
I updated at 12:30 – it takes about an hour for the site to update.


Show results are normally done and posted weekly.

Please try to check your points for discrepencies. If you find any I can send a spreadsheet for comparing

If you find any discrepencies please email the office cindy@nehc.info


Phone for the office is 603-300-6499 

Did you know?

A horse (or rider) must win points at a minimum of 3 shows in their specified divisions in order to qualify for year-end awards. Horses must be registered to accumulate points. Visit the membership area for more information.

Ongoing Points