All of the forms below are editable (keep scrolling down to find them). As long as your computer has a program that can read PDF files, you can complete the form on your computer, save it, and then e-mail it. Some PDF reader programs may only allow you to complete the form and then print it. If you prefer, they may also be printed and completed by hand.

When you click on a form, the form will open in a new tab or window. For some forms, you can begin entering information directly from your internet browser.

Some forms may require too much information to be completed this way.  If you click on a form name and do not see boxes where you can type information, you can download this form to your computer and enter the information into the downloaded copy. You may see a download button (Adobe Acrobat Reader has a down facing arrow) or a message that says “open in a different viewer”.  Download or Save the form to complete it.

In either case, to complete the form, click into the first field and begin typing.  Depending on the program your computer uses to read PDF files, you may be able to use the tab key to move between fields.  If the tab key does not work, use your mouse and click on the next field you need. When you are done you can save the document and email it to the appropriate NEHC administrator or print it and mail it to them.

Emma Fletcher and Marilyn Riordan, nhec members on horses

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