USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge

Jun 18, 2020


The USHJA Stable Challenge is Officially Open!
The community-driven horsemanship competition closes July 15.

Zone 8’s Kristin Jacob used the Stable Challenge to create an educational horsemanship summer camp, leading her students to a victory for Zone 8.

From June 15 through July 15, test your horsemanship knowledge to win great prizes!
The USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Stable Challenge is a 30-day online quiz challenge open to juniors and amateurs and brings barns together as teams to test their horsemanship knowledge for a chance to win great prizes.

The Stable Challenge requires at least three students (adults included!) per trainer to complete the online USHJA Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Practice Quiz.

Participants do not need to be USHJA members to take the HQC Practice Quiz and can take the quiz as many times as they like during the 30-day window to improve their Stable Challenge scores.

At the end of the 30-day challenge, the three top scores under each trainer will be averaged to provide an overall score with the highest scoring trainer in each USHJA zone earning the coveted USHJA prize package designed to benefit the entire barn. Trainers must be USHJA members and declared professional with US Equestrian for their students’ scores to count.

The Stable Challenge is a fun and exciting way to engage a trainer’s entire barn as a team and encourage horsemanship for riders of all ages!

Take the Challenge!

Test Your Knowledge!

Below are several questions from Level One of the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge. The HQC Study Guide includes everything you would need to know to answer more questions like these. If you enjoy testing your knowledge, you should register for the Stable Challenge! Answers are at the bottom of this email.

Bandages promote healing in the early stages by all of the following EXCEPT:
a. Formation of thick scabs
b. Retention of a moist environment
c. Retention of body heat at the wound site
d. Protection from contamination

How should a saddle be set down when there is no available saddle rack?
a. Set it down on its side
b. Set it down as if it is on the horse’s back
c. Pommel down against the wall with the seat facing the wall
d. Pommel down against the wall with the seat facing away from the wall

The Olympics initially included equestrian demonstrations until the first competition was held in which year?
a. 1904
b. 1907
c. 1912
d. 1924

The highest scoring trainer per USHJA zone wins a unique trainer-inspired award package designed to benefit the entire barn, which includes a show shirt from Essex Classics, grooming supplies from Shapley’s, a $100 FITS Breeches gift certificate and a USHJA Swag Bag.

BONUS: USHJA members of all ages can now earn bonus points for their team when they take the official Horsemanship Quiz Challenge. The Challenge is now open to adults, who will compete in a separate age group of members 21 and older.

Access the Study Guide

Below are the current leaders of each zone after one week of Stable Challenge competition. If you don’t see your zone listed, that means no full team has entered, so your farm could easily snag that number one spot!

Go to to learn more and to educate your barn mates on how the challenge works, then direct everyone here to register and take the practice quiz! It’s free and open to all ages.

Stable Challenge 2020 Leaderboards

  • Zone 2: Jolene Hasseler and Sweet Release Equestrian Center
  • Zone 3: Kasey Evans and Bridlewood Farm
  • Zone 4: Amy Center and Cavallo Farms
  • Zone 7: Julie Gass and JMG Stables
  • Zone 8: Kristin Jacob and Blue Star Farms
  • Zone 10: Carolyn Biava and First Field Farm

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