November 20, 2017

Junior and Adult Medal Splitting Class Update: Under the Junior Medal section (page 28 in 2016-2017 rulebook) fourth paragraph change first sentence that currently says:  If entries warrant-minimum 20, management may split.  Change to: If entries warrant- minimum 16, management may split and if 32 entries management may split again.  California split is recommended.

This can be updated for Adults as well.  They have split at 16 already but add the next part about 32 and California split recommended.

Effective: Dec. 1, 2017.


May 30, 2016

NEHC Hunter Seat Medals

Please note that the Adult and Junior Hunt Seat Medal qualifying fence heights were changed a few

years ago. We have found that some shows are still using the old specs.

It previously stated for Adult “fences not to exceed 3’; for Juniors “fences not to exceed 3’3”.

New Rule Book states:

Adult Fences are to be set at a height of 2’9” to 3’

Junior Fences are to be set at a height of 3’ to 3’3”

NEHC wants to make sure riders don’t qualify below the height they will see at the finals.